3 Grant Writing Success Secrets!

Non-profit organizations are eligible for grant funding from a number of sources, including foundations, corporations, and federal, state, and local governments. Most of these grants are competitive, and often you will be competing against other organizations across the country. The surefire ways to make your grant application “stand out” may be surprising, but you will be delighted with the results.

1. Only apply for grants that are applicable to your organization’s programs and/or projects. Make sure you are proposing exactly what the funder is seeking, and explain how.

2. Follow the directions. This may sound simple and obvious, but applicants that do not follow the instructions given (in the RFP, soliciatation, application, etc) will be the first to be eliminated. If it says to staple 4 packets in the right corner, staple 4 packets in the right corner. Do not send spiral bound packets if asked for staples! This applies throughout the application.

3. If you are unclear about anything, contact the person at the organization issuing the grant. Your questions will almost always be answered. It is a good idea to contact this person just to establish a connection. Ask what types of programs they are looking to fund, then explain your concept and ask if it fits in their priorities. This is also a way to accomplish #1.

Grant writing is not rocket science. It does; however, require understanding and adherence to some basic principles including those listed here.

Need help identifying and/or applying for grant funds for your non-profit? Contact lauren@thecoudrain.com to find out how The Coudrain Group can turn your lack of revenue into an opportunity. Email us today! Your initial consultation is completely free.

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  1. I would like to recieve your Grant writing information Thank you.

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