Facebook Business Page Fundamentals

Using Facebook to promote your business or organization requires understanding some key points:

  1. Facebook is not a website in the traditional sense. Unlike websites, Facebook actually changes the way it looks depending on who is logged in. The content you see is personalized to YOU; your friends, information, even Facebook ads change to be relevant to each user.
    1. Therefore, what you see when you log in to Facebook is different than what your friends or fans see when they log in. For example, the news feed you see when you log in is different than the news feed anyone else sees when they log in.
    2. Why is this important? You want to know what information you are sharing. To see what the rest of the world sees about you, look at your profile page & your Business Page. While friends and fans will not have the same options as you on these pages, they will see the same wall comments, photos, etc. that you see (unless you use privacy features to block certain users from certain content, which will be discussed in a later post.)
  2. Facebook is built on personal relationships, just like any offline network. Offline, you have to meet someone to tell them about your business. Facebook is not much different; you have to establish personal relationships to show them your business information.
    1. This does not mean that you have to personally know everyone who “likes” your Business Page. But the “friends” you do know should be the first place you start; encourage those people to share your business with their friends to grow your online presence.
    2. This does mean that a business cannot have a presence without a person representing it. Your personal profile & your Business page are equally important in building your network.
    3. If you do not want your name associated with your business, you should probably look elsewhere for marketing tools. Or find a business that you are willing to be identified with!
  3. Adding content to your business page is different than adding content to your personal profile.
    1. You must post to your business page FROM your business page. Anything you do outside of that page will post to your personal profile.
    2. How do I find my business page??
      1. Use the search box at the top of the Facebook page to search for your business page, then click on it.
      2. Use the “Ads & Pages” bookmark in the left menu to navigate to Page(s) you admin.
    3. Once on your business page, you can post status updates, respond to comments, add photo albums, etc.
    4. At this time, the only place that you can comment under your business name is on your business page. Posts anywhere else will reflect your name and personal profile picture.

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