2011 St. Tammany Project Christmas

St. Tammany Project Christmas is kicking off it's 2011 program.
We all know Christmas giving takes weeks of preparation. Imagine the time it takes to pull everything together for over 500 children!

St. Tammany Project Christmas is a 501c3 organization in partnership with public & private agencies, businesses, churches, civic organizations and individuals who work together to increase their capacity to provide Christmas services for those in need and reduce duplication.  Project Christmas is a not-for-profit organization and runs solely on volunteers.  Our goal is to provide St. Tammany families in need with Christmas blessings.

 Please help us reach that goal by identifying those families who may be in need and make them aware of our efforts.  Attached are the scheduled dates on which we will accept applications for Christmas 2010 and the documents required from the applicant on the date they apply. 

Please feel free to copy and share this with those you believe may qualify, and help us spread the Christmas Spirit throughout St. Tammany Parish

We need your help to make this project work. 

If you know of anyone who would like to adopt a family, give a monetary donation, host a toy drive, or volunteer to help put it all together please feel free to contact Rochell Kurucar at 985-640-5728.

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