Facebook News Feed- How to control it yourself!

Have you noticed that Facebook started choosing what content it thinks you want to see a few months ago? Do you see the same “news” from the same people for days? Would you prefer to see updated posts when you login to Facebook?

You can control your own news feed instead of letting Facebook do it for you. Personally, I am not a fan of Facebook’s “algorithms,” and I like to see updates from all of my friends & “liked” pages. I also like to see recent posts rather than the same ones over and over, sometimes for a whole week.

Many of you have probably figured this out already, but for those who haven’t here’s the “how to”:

When you login to facebook, you probably see this:

news feed

The easiest & most obvious option is to click “most recent” to see more posts:

facebook news feedTo control which posts you see in your news feed, click on most recent to see your options:

news feed recent posts

From here you can pick the types of posts you want to see, including posts only from a “list” you have created.

To make sure you are controlling your news feed, click on “Edit Options”:

facebook news feed edit options

This will bring you to a pop-up window where you can choose whether you want to see posts from “All of your friends and pages” or just from “Friends and pages you interact with most”:

facebook options for news feed


Choosing the “interact with most” option gives facebook control over what you see. If you would rather have control, choose “All…”


The popup also allows you to hide posts from certain friends

(usually the ones you don’t want to “unfriend” but also don’t care to see what they did on FarmVille every few minutes…):

hide friend posts facebook news feed


You can also “hide” posts from certain friends & pages right from the newsfeed by clicking on the little X that appears on the right side of the post & choosing “Hide all by…” (This works both on pages & people):

facebook news feed hide all posts


Congratulations! You have taken back control of YOUR facebook news feed 🙂


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