Wisdom Teeth – less

Not my normal subject matter, but all too relevant in my life right now!

wisdom teeth removal smoothie recipe5 days ago, all 4 of my wisdom teeth were extracted. I heard so many terrible things about this procedure…but I found a few little things that hopefully will help someone out:

1. Spoons are important!! I wish I had a plastic baby spoon the first day instead of using a normal (silverware) spoon – it made the heat and cold go straight to where it hurt so I didn’t really eat anything that day. They said no straws, nothing too hot, etc….which didn’t leave much! (I still haven’t eaten with a fork after 5 days).

2. My lifesaver = Wisdom Smoothies! Here’s my easy recipe:

Blend ice, strawberries (fresh or frozen), banana, vanilla yogurt, some protein or smoothie powder if you have any (if not, it will still taste good!), and possibly some milk depending on how thick you want it.


I’ve paid $8/day for a smoothie at Smoothie King, but they were closed today…this one tastes almost as good and costs much less.

Much better than lukewarm soup!!

5 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth – less

  1. Proper aligned wisdom teeth can be a valuable asset to the mouth but its misalignment requires removal. Wisdom teeth belongs to final set of molar which people witnesses at their late teens and at early twenties but usually it causes discomfort and pain in the mouth for being positioned forcibly in lesser space. Misalignment causes damaging of the jaw bones, adjacent teeth and nerves.;

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