“Little Volunteers” Craft Supply Donations

ATTN: Covington/Mandeville area residents:
I am requesting your support for a small project that aims to make a big difference by exposing children to meaningful volunteerism. All I need from you is a craft supply or two…
The Covington Rotary Club will be providing a new, special opportunity for children to volunteer at Feeding the Needy this year. Children will be making cards for the recipients of the 1,500 turkeys that will be distributed to needy families on Christmas Day. The children will also make Thank You cards to be sent to supporters of Feeding the Needy.
I’m working to establish a mini-craft supply collection to hopefully be used this year and in the future to give kids a chance to contribute meaningfully to needy families and gracious donors. This is where you come in šŸ™‚
donate craft suppplies for little
As you are pulling out your Holiday gear this season, please keep an eye out for the items listed below and attached or anything else that could be used to make a card! Items do not need to be new; recycled items are actually preferred.
If you would like to donate to the “Little Volunteers” craft supplies, pleaseĀ drop items off at Campbell’s Coffee and Tea on Hwy. 21 in Covington.
Also, if you are interested in volunteering to help the children make cards on 12/23 or 12/24, please sign up to volunteer by visitingĀ http://www.covrotary.org
Cash donations are also accepted and will be used toward the purchase of items for this project.
Let me know if you have any questions- Thanks & Merry Christmas!!


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