Send a card…Help 6 year old XAN get a million fans!

Alexander Nelson Moses (Xan) is a blonde haired, blue eyed, six year old boy who has a rare neurodegenerative disease that is progressively taking over his body and now his mind. His heart’s desire is to one day have “a million fans all over the world.”

When asked why he wanted a million fans, he answered that he wanted to change the world. When asked how, he replied, 

“Well, I have a purpose and it is to help others… You see, sometimes I’m really scared and I just keep being brave… So, if I keep being brave even when I’m scared then I’ll show people how to do it, too… Then, all the people I show everyday will want to be my fan!!”

Quite an impressive little boy! Especially considering he is living each day knowing it could be his last. Together, we can make his dream come true!

From Xan’s mother, “If you would like to (please!:) become a “XAN FAN” please take a moment, at your earliest convenience, to mail a card/piece of paper/even just an empty envelope that has your name and return address to:

Ronald McDonald House
Attention: Jennifer Moses
451 44th Street Apt. 1408
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

*All correspondence will be opened by Xan (with the assistance of his brothers and/or I) and placed in his “fan mail” box (that I’m about to start working on so I can surprise him with it tomorrow and your name(s) will be added to a cute “Xan Fan” board that will be on permanent display! 
Thank y’all SOOOO much for all you have done and continue to do to help make the very best of an extremely difficult situation!
Hope, Pray, Believe”

Let’s recognize this little boy for his strength and optimism by giving him a smile- take a few minutes to mail a card; you may make a huge difference 🙂

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