Team Building Activities for Leadership Programs

In my experience with leading retreats and workshops for both youth and adult leadership programs, I find that participants love games- the more interactive, the better.

One of the most successful activities I’ve created is the “Art Gallery” game, which is especially useful to discuss the importance of good communication. Click here to download instructions and handouts: Teambuilding Activities- Art Gallery and Roommate Treasure Hunt

Art Gallery Instructions:

Coordinator prints copies of a photo/drawing that will be difficult to replicate. Example:

Art Gallery photo example for Leadership teambuilding activity

Photo is placed in room where Readers will go to observe (no one else can see photo).

Break group up into teams of 4. Ask extra players to volunteer as “cops” (description below) Don’t tell them until the end, but cops will judge the final artwork against the original to pick the winner.

Art Gallery Participant Instructions:

Choose one person in group to serve in the following roles:

  1. Artist
  2. Reader
  3. Narrator
  4. Interpreter


  1. Readers will begin the game. Readers will enter another room to look at an object. The reader’s job is to tell the narrator what they see. Readers can only talk to narrators.
  1. Narrators will be stationed in the hallway. The readers will be talking to the narrators, but narrators can’t talk back, use hand signals, or ask questions. The narrator’s job is to tell the artist what to draw. Narrators are ONLY allowed to talk to the artist.
  1. Artists will be stationed in the gallery with canvas and markers. Artists cannot speak during the game. The artist’s job is to draw what the narrator describes.
  1. Interpreters will be signaled to enter the gallery once the narrator on their team leaves. The interpreter’s job is to tell the reader what the art looks like.
  1. The cop’s job is to enforce the game rules by observing who is talking and making sure players are not talking out of turn!
  1. Game will last 30 minutes, then art will be judged!

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