The magic in the slightest changes. Plus how to change the colors of your Google calendar :)

I just changed the color of my events on my Google calendar. And then magic happened. My mood lifted, and all of a sudden all of the events I was stressing over looked like fun; all of them! It seems so simple my events google calendar changing the color gmail calendar settings how to change colornow, but I had never considered changing the black on red- the events looked like my events google calendar changing the color pinkpunishments & I had to squint to even read what they said! Now the pretty dark pink with white text is beautifully inviting. The funny thing is, I change the colors of my client google calendars all of the time; just hadn’t thought in last- oh probably 3 years to change the red?

It amazes me how the slightest change (even google calendar colors!) can shift our perception and therefore our emotions and thoughts. This is not a new thought, and has been referenced by many great authors and behavioral scientists. But it’s always fun to notice the tiny things catalyze big impact 🙂

And in case you need help changing the colors of your google or gmail calendar, here’s a one step tutorial:

1) Click on the arrow next to the name of your calendar as shown below, then click the color you want:

how to change the color of a calendar in google calendar and gmail