How to generate leads on facebook (part 1)

It’s nice to feel “liked,” but “fans” generally do not equal “leads.”


Let’s look at an average Facebook Business Page. Call it Anna’s Bananas. As implied, they sell bananas. Anna decides to create a Facebook Page to sell more bananas. She loads it up with pictures of beautiful bananas, recipes, and banana specials. She invites all of her friends to like the page, and is disappointed when only some of them do.

So Anna decides to do a contest to get more fans on her page. She purchases an iPad and enters every new fan into a drawing to win it. She promotes it like crazy, and has over 100 new likes on her page at the end of the contest. Success, right?


Now consider whether Anna has generated “fans” or “leads.” She has over 100 new people to contact, but do they fit her target market? Does liking iPads have anything in common with liking bananas?generate leads on facebook


To generate quality leads on Facebook, your offers must be tied to your product or service. If Anna had given away a month of free bananas instead of an iPad, she probably would not have gained 100 fans. However, she may have gained 25 who were banana lovers. If someone wants it for free, they may also be willing to pay for it.

Most businesses are much more complicated than Anna’s Bananas, but the principle is the same. Stay tuned for a case study on this topic soon 🙂

7 free ways to get more likes on your Facebook fan page

I get this question often: “How do I get more fans/likes on my business Facebook page?” There are lots of answers, but I prefer to start with these 7 FREE ways to increase likes:

  1. Include a link to your Facebook fan page in your email signature.
  2. Include the Facebook logo on business cards and brochures.
  3. Invite your personal Facebook friends to like your page.
  4. Talk about your page and ask current and potential customers to like it.
  5. Email your database to let your contacts know you have a Facebook page; provide a link to it in your email.
  6. For “brick and mortarbusinesses– create a special offer (example: 10% off today’s purchase when you like our Facebook page) so customers will like your page while at your retail location.
  7. Ask employees, referral partners, and friends to share your page with their Facebook friends.

These simple actions can really pay off once executed. Do you have any tips I forgot to include?


Facebook Marketing Guide for Small and Medium Businesses

Facebook recently released an excellent guide for businesses with information about best practices for Facebook strategy and execution.

Download the PDF by clicking here.

facebook marketing and strategy guide for small businesses

Public Relations; meet Social Media

Press releases are still alive; the difference is that now a press release can be published to so many sources – easily and quickly. In order to optimize press releases, consider posting online as well as submitting to traditional media outlets.

Where to post? On your blog, website, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter link, to your email database of existing and prospective customers!

social media landscape public relations game

From “Potential of Public Relations and Social Media:”

“A corporate communications company has been known to have saved as much as $270K by making use of social media. Also, time is equally being saved as response rate to pitches for example seem to be much higher than that experienced via other channels.”

Read the rest of the article here:

What should I post on my blog?

Obviously, it depends. But here are 3 suggestions to get good content flowing:

1. Original content. Linking/re-posting content created by others is usually encouraged, and is almost always allowable. However, publishing articles that aren’t posted anywhere else gives your post a huge advantage. It also works to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

2. Answers to common questions. What to customers and friends ask you? When people find out what you do, what questions do people ask? For example, I have a friend who works as an auto-mechanic. When I want an honest opinion about something related to my car, I call him. Think about what your friends consider you to be an expert in, and start recording your answers on your blog!

3. Specific, instructional information. “How to change your own oil.” “How to check tire pressure.” To an auto-mechanic, these answers seem obvious. To many of the rest of us, this would be very useful information. check tire pressure

What works for you?

Create an easy holiday video greeting using photos

Online videos are an easy and fun way to tell stories – about your life, your organization, your children, your business, etc. The end of the year is a great time to reflect upon 2011 and share it with others.

Animoto makes this simple to do. Just choose a theme, gather your favorite pictures & upload them, add a few words, choose music, and voila!

Here is an example:

2011 NRP

You can create 30 second videos for free, and their price to upgrade to videos of unlimited length is only $30 per year. Animoto also offers free pro accounts for nonprofits- great way to thank your donors!

Ready to make your video?! Click here to go to Animoto.

New Facebook for Nonprofits Pages Guide

facebook for nonprofits november 2011

Facebook just released a new guide for non-profit organizations about building and managing your organization’s Facebook page. To download, click here.