A Big Thank You from the “Little Volunteers!”

We had an overwhelming response to the request for craft supplies- thanks to everyone for your help!! The kids made beautiful, funny, creative, and thoughtful Christmas cards to be sent to recipients of “Feedy the Needy” along with a box of food on Christmas morning.

What a great group of kids! We sang carols, told stories, laughed at jokes, and cheered every time a card was completed and landed in the box.

One of the cards, by an 8-year-old girl, read “I hope the food can help you.” Inside she drew a large yellow star with googly eyes – as she was planning her card, she explained, “see, the eyes are looking down, I’m going to draw the manger down here.”

Another child, an 8 year old boy wise beyond his years, was full of jokes 🙂 “What did Adam say? Merry Christmas Eve!” Precious.

I’d say mission accomplished 🙂 Thanks again to everyone who contributed!